Linda Spreeman’s Rant 4 Today

Pennsylvania, in their infinite wisdom, needs to pass legislation prohiting teachers from striking.  They are professionals, but not acting like it.  Furthermore, teachers unions aren’t necessary, so how about eliminating and disbanding them as well.  If John Q. Public who works at XYZ Corp doesn’t like his raise and benefits that year, he can hardly stand outside the front door of his employer with a picket sign.  What gives teachers the right?  It amazes me the benefits and salaries extended to the teaching profession for working basically nine months out of the year.  They hurt the children they purport to care about for their own agendas.  A simple solution would be to have teachers receive their raises and benefits the same way everyone else does – disband the union – and move on.  Unions, while useful when first created, hardly apply to teachers now.  Come on, let’s get real here.  Hello?  ~Linda Spreeman~


About lindaspreeman, King of Prussia

My name is Linda Spreeman, and I am a longtime resident of King of Prussia, PA. With an Associate of Arts in Psychology, I have conducted myself in a successful career as an Administrative Professional. With a motto of “Making Management Shine” my career began at C-E Minerals, Inc. a division of the Paris based conglomerate, Imerys. Rising to become the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President, I was a dedicated associate for 17 years until the closure of the office. In 2003, I joined to the biotech leader Amgen Inc. as an Administrative Coordinator. Eventually rising to also become the Site Lead, and remained there until 2010 when the office, also, closed. In 2010 I joined AmerisourceBergen and an Executive Assistant supporting senior management. In 2011, I joined GlaxoSmithKline, the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world, as an administrative professional in the Global Operations division located in King of Prussia, PA. I am recognized as technology savvy and extremely proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I adore my family and am a devoted mother of two beautiful, successful daughters and a proud grandmother. I am active in my community. I have served as President of the Upper Merion High School Cheerleaders Parent Booster Club (when my daughters were High School Cheerleaders), and continue to serve on the Board of Directors for my Homeowners Association. I have also volunteered as a Youth Group Leader and a Sunday School Teacher. I am available for freelance administrative work. Resumes are a specialty.
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